Stacked Fireplace Facing
Granite, Marble & Limestone Facing
Wood, Gas, Electric fireplace surrounds and fireplace facings.
Fireplace Remodeling?  Add Value, Save Time and Money!
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Starting @ Under $200
Starting @ $225.00
BEAUTIFUL:  "Every home
deserves the value and beauty
of real stone!"  See how our
facings will upgrade your home
and adds real value to your
having real a stone facing for
under $200.00.  We will
custom build for any fireplace
or mantel ...
Beautiful Finish!
Colors and Prices!

FOR A LIMITED TIME:  Get all edges finished - FREE - $100 Savings!
"Anyone can install":  Install
a full fireplace facing in
minutes with professional
results every time.  Best of all
you don't need any tools ...
Easy Installation!
Our Fireplace Facing kits are made from
real granite, marble, and limestone.  
Our customers tell us:
"Thank you, we love your product!  My husband
installed our facing in about 20 minutes and it
looks like we hired a professional!  I would
definitely recommend your product to my
Judy from Ohio

Let us help you with your fireplace
remodeling job.  Our 14 years of
experience creating fireplace facings
for wood, gas, and electric fireplaces
8AM - 8PM M-F